Our Classes

We offer Group, Private, Pre-Natal, Athletic Conditioning and Pilates for Golfers Reformer Classes. Designed to tone and challenge your body, strengthen your core muscle groups, improve your posture, increase your flexibility and overall body efficiency.


Strengthen and lengthen your body with our Reformer Pilates classes.

The Pilates Reformers are pieces of equipment that utilise spring-resistance technology to target specific muscle groups and highlight muscular imbalances to maximize your body’s potential. 

Our classes will be designed to tone and challenge your body, strengthen your core muscle groups, improve your posture, increase your flexibility and overall body efficiency.

The result of sustained Pilates practice is a long, lean and strong physique.

Some of our most popular classes are explained below.


Group Reformer Classes

An intimate group class with a maximum of four participants, utilising the Reformers and additional props to guarantee efficiency.

Combining technical and athletic Pilates repertoire, props, and progressions, our Reformer Pilates classes are contemporary, creative and fun. Most of our classes are multilevel.


Private Reformer Classes

A private session with a tailor-made, anatomy based program, designed to maximise your results.

Modifications of the existent repertoire and props will be utilised to personalise the workout according to your goals and needs.If you are new to Pilates, an Introductory private session is highly recommended to gain experience on the reformer and to learn fundamental Pilates principles. 


Pre and Post-natal classes

Pilates is considered highly beneficial during both Pre and Post-natal care.

Pilates help to prepare your body to meet the physical demands of carrying a baby, and to condition the muscles that will assist your labour, delivery, and recovery. Paying particular attention to postural alignment, pelvic floor conditioning, prevention and treatment of rectus abdominal diastasis.

Private, duets and group Pre and Post-natal classes are conducted by our qualified instructors, well-versed on Pre and Post-natal care.


Duet Reformer Classes

Duets are a session for two, and a wonderful way to benefit from the attention-to-detail and customised programmes offered by a private class.

With a duet, you have the added benefit of achieving your goals alongside a chosen family or friend.


Athletic Conditioning

These classes are designed to improve strength, power and agility thought new variations for familiar exercises that challenge unilateral movement, weight transference and core stability, with focus on increase athletic endurance and performance, and build on existing knowledge and training.


Pilates for Golfers

Our focus on this classes is to increase mobility with stability of the hips and shoulder girdle, and to stabilize knees and ankles in order to implement the necessary torso rotation for an efficient swing in the golf course.


  • Socks are required.

  • Grippy socks are encouraged (and available for purchase at our studio).

  • Schedules and classes can be customised to suit individual needs.

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